To publicise both the Marbles and Somewhere Else albums, a number of fans were approached by Racket to have their cars covered in plastic 'heat wrapped' decals to act as mobile advertisements. They were wrapped by a company in Watford. Each car took one day to wrap.

The vehicles known to have been wrapped, include:

Marbles (2004)

Angie 'Lambrini Girl' Coope - Escort Cabriolet(?)

Mark 'Aitch' Hildyard - Smart Car

?? Citroen Picasso

There was a photo shoot conducted by Carl Glover at the Marbles Tour Warm-up Show gig on 30/04/04, of all the Marbles-wrapped cars together, in the car park behind the Aylesbury Civic

Somewhere Else (2007)

Andrew 'barnsley' Wood aka yoooreds- Smart Car

Mark 'Aitch' Hildyard - Smart Car

?? Toyota Yaris

There is a webpage, to highlight one of the two Somewhere Else Smart cars here

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